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Guardian Barrier: Securing the Innocent

The Guardian Barrier is an industrial strength door barricade that can be deployed in 15 seconds or less.

The Guardian is a door security device that uses a reinforced steel winch and airline cable to secure a classroom in seconds. The Guardian is designed to slow or thwart an intruder from entering a classroom. In the event of an intruder at school, a teacher can deploy the Guardian in less than ten seconds, providing thousands of pounds of pressure. The device attaches to the door itself, so that even if the doorknob is broken off, the classroom will still remain secure.

The Guardian device can be used on any type of door in a school: outward-swinging doors, inward-swinging doors, even double-doors, so you can secure large areas like gyms or cafeterias.

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Unique to Guardian


Attached to the wall, so always available in an emergency (as opposed to the free-standing devices that must be stored in a cabinet or closet)


Made of airline cable (that can’t be cut) and reinforced steel, the guardian can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. It was tested for strength at Fort Bragg.


The Guardian works on any door including outward swinging, inward-swinging and double-doors. It can be used in classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and more.

Egress and Access

The Guardian can be released in under two seconds from the inside to allow students to exit quickly. Schools are given a special tool to allow them to disarm the device from the outside for emergency personnel to enter. This meets the new egress requirement of the July 2018 MFPA fire code.

Ease of Use

Operability doesn’t depend on the strength or coordination of user. The unit deploys in approximately ten seconds, and releases in approximately 2 seconds. It is a basic hook and eye concept.


MSRP is $250 with discounts available based on purchase volume. Our “Give a Guardian” sponsorship program allows parents and the community to share the cost with the school. All sponsorships are tax deductible for parents and businesses.

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Eric Cameron, former Air Marshal

“The Guardian Barrier can transform a room that is not deemed a safe lockdown room into a room that is safe”

The Guardian Barrier is an industrial strength door barricade that can be deployed in 15 seconds or less.




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